Q-Fab’s Miller Proheat 35 Triumph in Oil & Gas Sector

Q-Fab's Miller Proheat 35 Triumph in Oil & Gas Sector

The Q-Fab Welding division has achieved a remarkable feat. We’ve successfully sold the Miller Proheat 35, a niche product, to a prominent NFE contractor in the Oil and Gas sector.

The Miller Proheat 35 is an advanced induction heating system that revolutionizes preheating and post-weld heat treating processes. With its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, the Miller Proheat 35 offers significant advantages, including improved productivity, enhanced safety, and reduced downtime.

As a result of a successful impressive demonstration by our Q-Fab sales team, our customer has been entrusted with the responsibility of running the Procedure Qualification Record for Approvals. The positive response from both the main contractor and the client reinforced their confidence in Q-Fab’s expertise and we successfully secured a breakthrough order from our happy customer.

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