Oils, Lubricants & Cleaning Chemicals

Industrial Cleaning & Chemical

With fully trained service engineers and technicians, Petrotec can offer supply, installation, maintenance, spare parts and training for both pumps and compressors. Additionally, we provide annual maintenance service contracts (AMC) and emergency site support.

Our maintenance capabilities includes the servicing of Lewa dosing and metering pumps, overhauls to all types of chemical injection and dosing pumps and cryogenic pumps/compressors and turbo expanders. Cryostar SAS, based in France, has always been at the forefront of cryogenic technology.

At EverTec, we offer a range of products designed to protect metal surfaces from water damage and improve safety. 

Our team of specialists has developed these products to meet the highest standards for safety and environmental sustainability. We conduct thorough research and carefully tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

 Q-Fab is the authorized distributor of EverTec products. Our product line includes anti-corrosive grease, rust converters, anti-corrosive oil, cleaning agents, and water treatment solutions. 

Motorol provides oils, lubricants and greases to the construction, automobile and industrial industry.