Compressed Air & Power Solution

Compressed Air & Power Solution

We provide portable screw compressors up to 1650 cfm free air delivery. Stationary screw compressors and Oil Free compressors up to 400kw. Generators for all industries.

Stationary and Portable Air Compressors Air Dryers, and Air Receivers

DENAIR Group is a leading global manufacturer of air compressors with over 20 years of experience. We specialize in oil-injected rotary screw compressors, oil-free air compressors, centrifugal compressors, gas compressors, vacuum pumps, and heat pumps.

Our diesel portable compressors are manufactured using German KAPP machines and techniques and feature a heavy-duty Cummins engine, making them suitable for use in extreme ambient temperatures. These compressors are commonly used in applications such as mining, hydropower, oil and gas exploration, borehole drilling, shipbuilding, construction, quarrying, sandblasting, pipeline pressure testing, and more.

Our portable compressors are available in a range of sizes, with capabilities up to 1600 cfm and 35 bar pressure, and are designed for use in Zone II environments. Q-Fab is the authorized distributor of DENAIR products in Qatar.

AGG is committed to becoming a leader in the power supply industry through the use of advanced technologies, top-notch design, and a global network of service locations spanning all five continents, all aimed at enhancing the overall quality of power supply. 

Q-Fab is the authorized distributor of AGG products. Our product line includes diesel- and alternative fuel-powered electrical generators, natural gas generators, DC generators, light towers, paralleling equipment, and control systems. 

These products are widely used across a range of industries and applications, such as office buildings, factories, telecommunications, construction, mining, oil and gas, power stations, education, large events, public spaces, and more.