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Miller Electric

Q-Fab is the distributor and service provider for Miller Electric in Qatar. Miller Electric manufactures arc welding and cutting equipment designed for oil and gas fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsports, education, agriculture and marine applications. The company maintains its global leadership by setting the industry standard for reliability, quality and responsiveness.


  • Engine Drives – Dual Welder
    Miller Big Blue 700
    Miller Big blue 450
  • Engine Drives – Single welder
    Miller Big Blue 500X
    Miller Big Blue 400 X Pro
    Miller Trailblazer 325
  • Multi-Process Equipment
    Miller Dimension 650
    Miller XMT 425
    Miller XMT 350
    Miller Pipeworx 400
    Miller Multimatic 255
    Miller Multimatic 215
  • SMAW/GTAW Equipment
    Miller CST 280
    Miller Blue Thunder 403
    Miller Maxstar 210/280/400
    Miller STR 500
    Miller Dynasty 210/280/400
  • FCAW/GMAW Equipment
    MillerMatic 350
    MillerMatic 255
    MillerMatic 215
    Migmatic 250
  • Automatic – SAW Equipment
    Induction Heating System (Preheat/PWHT)
    Miller Pro Heat 35
    Miller Arc Reach Heater
  • Plasma Cutting Equipment
    Miller Spectrum 875
    Miller Spectrum 625
    Miller Spectrum 375
  • Guns and Torches
    Miller – Weldcraft TIG Torches
    Miller – Bernard Semi- Automatic Guns
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