Advanced Borescope Technology Enhances Defense Aviation Inspections in Qatar

Qatar Defense Aviation Borescope Technology

Q-Fab, a leading provider of advanced inspection solutions, recently equipped a Defense Aviation customer with the IplexGT/GX video-borescope from Evident Scientific. This innovative tool boasts exceptional:

  • Built quality
  • Articulation
  • Brightness
  • Image quality

Streamlined Inspections with Live Streaming and Mobile Recording

The IplexGT/GX surpasses traditional borescopes by offering:

  • Live streaming of inspections
  • Direct recording of images and videos onto mobile phones

This unique feature enhances collaboration and simplifies the inspection process.

Customer Delighted with Enhanced Capabilities

The Defense Aviation customer expressed great satisfaction with the IplexGT/GX, highlighting its superior functionality and user-friendly features.

Exploring Advanced Inspection Solutions

For more information on how the IplexGT/GX or other advanced inspection solutions can benefit your operations, contact Q-Fab at +974 4403 9248 or qfab@qatar.net.qa.

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