Ommelift 4200 RBDJ for Vendome mall in Lusail

New Place Vendome mall in Lusail

Check out our latest delivery to the New Place Vendome mall in Lusail:

The Ommelift 4200 RBDJ is extremely diverse with the ability to traverse bumpy terrains as well as travel on delicate surfaces such as pavements, lawns, marble etc. thanks to its light weight of 6900kg (15,212lbs).

The Ommelift diesel and battery power pack is a true hybrid-system that makes the lift equally efficient in both outdoor and indoor environments. When working indoor, the electronical motor (which is powered by 8 high-capacity batteries) is the main motive force. Additionally, there’s no need for any extension cords when working indoor.

The rapid two gear undercarriage has an amazing speed and turning strength, and the compact dimension allows it to access tight areas.

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