Q-Fab presents ECCE-Series Electric Chain Cutters

ECCE-Series Electric Chain Cutters

Upgrade your cutting game with the ECCE-Series Electric Chain Cutters!

✓ These cutters are designed with safety in mind, featuring an enclosed transparent guard to protect your hands while allowing you to monitor the cutting process.

✓ With a compact size and low weight, you can easily take them on the go to any job site with a power source.

✓ Driven by powerful electric motor and radial pump, cutting heavy-duty chain links has never been easier.

✓ Durable blades, minimal spark risk, and reduced vibration make these cutters a superior choice compared to traditional methods like torching, grinding, and sawing.

Invest in a safer more efficient cutting solution with the ECCE-Series today! For more information, contact us at +974 4403 9248 / 974 3383 1404 or qfab@qatar.net.qa / Kobus@qfab.com.qa

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