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Tire Foam Filing

Petrotec's Drilling department caters to the needs of Oil and Gas Operators in Qatar by providing specialised technology, tools and services to help operators to drill and complete their wells in the most cost effective and efficient manner. With a team of highly qualified and experienced hands in the industry and a fully-fledged service workshop in Doha, Petrotec's Drilling Department is in constant touch with operators on a day to day basis to help them meet their ever growing demands and operational challenges.

Petrotec's Drilling Department was awarded a contract for external coating of casing and tubing pipes by Qatar Petroleum.As part of this project, Petrotec is planning to set up a JV facility with BOND-COAT in Dukhan for which a 10,000 square meter land has already been allocated. Work is in progress and the facility should be up and running in 2019.